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Space Manager

Control and plan your space strategically to maximize space utilization efficiency through flexible data input and well presented analytical reports

Space Management is a key part of facility management as space cost is expensive. Every corporation needs to maximize the efficiency of space utilization to lower occupancy cost. Fair allocation of space and chargeback cost to different departments is important to avoid dispute. Strategic monitoring and planning of spatial resources is necessary to cope with the healthy operation and growth of a company.

  • Provides you a versatile tool that can help improving space utilization efficiency

  • Enables accurate area calculation to suit not only the commonly adopted standards but the most demanding requirements

  • Enables possible trace-back to the older versions of source drawings when needed

  • Allows creation of multiple space planning proposals for strategic analysis without affecting the original version

  • Visualizes space distribution at a glimpse through coloring presentation

  • Provides flexible report frameworks for customizing reports to facilitate space planning, improve space utilization efficiency and for fair chargeback of space usage

  • Cost Saving Space Calculation Methodology

  • Accurate Space Area Calculation

  • Flexible Data Input

  • Source Drawings Version Control

  • Coloring and Graphical Presentation

  • Flexible Report Frameworks

  • Migration of Data with commonly used Software

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