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Maintenance Manager

Smoothen up maintenance workflow and enhance maintenance quality at reducing cost 

The prime objective of a building is to provide a comfortable habitat to the occupants. This cannot be achieved without high standard of maintenance. Quality maintenance embraces proper communication between tenants and the maintenance team; quick diagnosis and fixing of problems; preventive maintenance planning and inventory controls to uphold the condition of building system to the best.

  • Features common functions of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)

  • Provides you a well thought-out tool for promoting effective dialogue between tenants and the facility management with interactive reporting system;

  • Helps maintaining and keep track of inventory level;

  • Records the past history of problems and tenant behavior;

  • Facilitates planning of resources for maintenance; and

  • Also incorporated is a unique work order categorizing mechanism for efficient deploy of maintenance task forces.

  • Reduce maintenance and Management cost

  • Enhance Communication

  • Fast Deploy of Maintenance Workforce

  • Accelerate Trouble-shooting Process

  • Real-time Inventory Control

  • Optimized Work-force Scheduling

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