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Project Manager

Provide a web-based platform for smooth transaction of files in real-time to improve quality of project management while reducing project administrative cost

Modern construction project involves huge amount of information transfer among many trades and their team members. Information of different nature presented in various formats has to be properly distributed, filed and securely stored for ready retrieval by members of the project team concurrently.

  • Features common functions of Project Information Management Systems (PIMS)

  • Provides a platform to organize documents for effectively sharing amongst the working teams;

  • Provides a simple and efficient solution that allows various ways of submitting information in a practical and convenient manner to the system;

  • Automates the document indexing process without the attendance of document controller;

  • Facilitates information smoothly transferred, automatically sorted out, instantly distributed to concerning parties and securely filed; and

  • Monitors scheduled activities for project planning with alert reminders and published on-line for easy viewing

  • Streamline Workflow Process and Reduce Administrative cost

  • Simple Document Submission

  • Automatic Document Sorting

  • Easy Searching and Quick Retrieval of Document

  • Secure Centralized Storage of Files

  • Easy Scheduling and Monitoring Activities

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