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Electronic O&M Manual System

Provide a web-based platform for maintaining Operation & Maintenance Manual and facilities information in a systematic and interactive way

Building performance starts at the hand-over stage which is a critical stage in a building life cycle. The availability of accurate and easily retrievable information on building systems is particularly important to the building operators during this period, as a lot of activities will happen at the same time. Problems faced by the building operators at handover stage could be largely mitigated with the use of EOMM system.

  • Large amount of O&M information for the building E&M systems can be properly organized and retrieved quickly through user-friendly interface, 

  • Information can be retrieved anytime, anywhere

  • Uploading of information can be done in a controlled manner with detailed in-out record, ensuring only the right information is kept

  • Relevant information, including drawings, can easily be hyper-linked for quick reference

  • Statistical data can easily be compiled for reflecting status

  • Cost saving for Searching and Maintaining Handover Information

  • Accurate Status Reflection of Outstanding Items

  • Facilities List available before Handover

  • Distributed Workload for Entry of Facilities Data and Schedule

  • Handover Information can be migrated to Other System

  • Efficient building operation with sustainability achieved

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