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Drawing Manager

Manage your drawings systematically to ensure data accuracy and security with capability of real-time sharing through web

Drawings are essential resources for facility management and construction. Poor management of drawings could lead to unforeseen losses or even disaster in emergency situation. Storage and sharing of accurate drawings is the very first step for drawing management.

  • Helps you manage all your drawings systematically and securely in a central database that allows orderly storage, sharing and updating in a controlled manner through the web interface;

  • Assures accurate and up-to-date drawing contents by a well planned drawing updating mechanism

  • Provides user with a search engine and friendly interface for quick retrieval of drawing; and

  • Integrates seamlessly with many other software systems for data exchange.

  • Reduce Management Cost

  • Enhance Drawing Accessibility

  • Close Drawing Process Control

  • Provide Accurate and Up-to-Date Drawing Contents

  • Reduce Manpower

  • Fully Utilize your Drawing Resources

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