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Project and Facility Management

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Linkey system is the most complete software system for building projects in Asia. Linkey covers the whole life cycle of a building development-from design stage through construction stage till building operation and maintenance stage.

Linkey is developed wholly by SRD Computing and Engineering Co., Ltd.-an expert in building industry CADD in Hong Kong that is conversant with the project construction and facility management practice in Asia.

Unlike many well-known software systems from overseas, Linkey is very practical, user friendly and customer-orientated, and can easily be customized to suit your practice. We act not only as software system provider but also as consultant to provide valuable advice on implementation of the system.

If you have bad experience with your software systems, turn to Linkey. Because we know your practice, we listen, we make suggestion, we provide excellent support and we care that the system can be implemented to your entire satisfaction!


Drawing Manager
Drawing Manager

Manage your drawings systematically for data accuracy and security with capability of quick retrieval and real-time sharing through web

Space Manager
Space Manager

Control and plan your space strategically to maximize space utilization efficiency through flexible data input and well presented analytical reports

Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Manager

Smoothen up helpdesk and maintenance workflow and enhance maintenance quality and inventory control to reduce operation and maintenance cost

Project manager
Project Manager

Provides a web-based platform for real time transaction of large quantity of project document, drawings and instructions to achieve quality project management while reducing project administration cost

equipment operation maintenance manager system
EOMM System

Provides a web-based platform for maintaining accurate as-fitted drawings, Operation & Maintenance Manual and facilities information 



Why Linkey?

  • Suit building practice in Hong Kong & Asia

  • Well Proven System

  • Solid Software Framework

  • Customer-orientated

  • Low Customization Cost

  • Local Support

Functions Included:

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Cross platform solution

  • Powerful Search Engine

  • Access Control

  • Reliable Data Control

  • Record Tracking

  • Extensive Report Formats

  • Compatiblity with other Software



LINKEY has been successfully implemented in many prestige institutions and companies:

Education University of Hong Kong



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